Independent Studies Learning Contract

The process to conduct an independent study should start well before the semester in which the independent study is to be performed. Students must have the approval of the faculty member directing the independent study, and of the Department Chair. If you desire that the independent study replace a regularly scheduled course in your emphasis area, you must also have the approval of the emphasis area leader. Students are responsible for ensuring that the independent study appropriately fits into their program of study.

If the independent study extends beyond the semester in which the student initially enrolled, a grade of Incomplete may be given upon consultation with the supervising faculty member. All coursework for the independent study must be completed within one academic calendar year or the grade in the course will default to “F.”

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Prepare thorough answers to the seven questions that follow, after meeting with your professor. These answers, when summed, would typically be specified in a word-processed document of approximately two-to-three pages.

The sophistication, rigor, quality of work, quantity of work, and time commitment of the independent study must approximate those found in a course that has regular, on-going meeting times. A standard three-credit class has 37.5 contact hours, meaning that the student's total hours devoted to the independent study must be significantly in excess of this figure when outside study/class preparation time and normal assignments are considered.

This contract will take the place of the syllabus for this course.

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